YS School

YS School is a Generation Next School, one of the leading schools in the Area for providing Futuristic Education to students since its inception for more than 45 years.

YS is a school that firmly believes that the purpose of Education is not to fill students’ minds with lots of information to mug up. Rather it is meant to equip him with lots of capabilities; Capabilities to think, Capabilities to create, Capabilities to innovate, and above all, abilities to face future challenges and live a happy and contented life.

YS School welcomes every child with lots of opportunities. Advanced Classes, Program, ATL Classes, Booting Up Robotics, MUN Club, Flyers Club, Literary Arts Club, Young Artist Club, Reading Sessions, Inspiration Series, Martial Arts Classes, Smart Talks, English Communication Classes are a few of such programs, which have been very instrumental in imbibing futuristic skills among students.

YS School is continuously working to give happy and contented life to its students. For such continuous efforts, School has been awarded at various renowned platforms in the last few years