YS GeNxt School

At YS GeNxt School, children who just step out of their mother’s lap are provided with millions of smiles to explore the world through their passion. Spreading smiles to spreading happiness all-around is the motto of YS GeNxt, where every child loves to come and explore the world of his own. YS GeNxt, an innovative school for young kids, prides itself on providing high-quality preschool education. At YS GeNxt, we approach every day with a sense of imagination, innovation and fun to help young children learn comfortably and confidently. At YS GeNxt, we understand that choosing the right center to fit a child’s needs is an important decision. Every program includes a variety of interesting and inspiring activities to stimulate early brain development with a focus on creative play. We encourage a love of learning through working and playing with others. Young Scholars have fun while they learn and that’s the core to our philosophy at YS GeNxt.

Lush green surroundings, child-centric education, emphasizing on communication skills, stage exposure, habit building, freedom of expressions, values and learning with fun are some of the major aspects of futuristic education at YS GeNxt, where education is beyond books to make every child smile.