From the Director’s Desk

Varun Bharti
B.Tech, MBA (IIT Delhi)

YS Schools, also known as Generation Next Schools, are designed for students born in a rapidly changing technological and networked era. These students will inherit a world transformed into a global village, and their education must reflect this shift. It goes beyond traditional academics, emphasizing skill and value development, practical applications, analysis, and holistic growth. YS Schools prioritize experiential learning, fostering confidence and interaction over mere bookish knowledge, all while preserving moral values and traditional traits. In essence, they prepare today’s children for tomorrow’s world, offering Generation Next Education.

Moving beyond primary education, YS College, founded in 2012, stands as the premier institution of higher education in Punjab, known for its excellence in tertiary education. Our vision is to be recognized among the most prestigious educational institutes in the country, focusing not only on imparting knowledge but also on equipping our students to excel in the competitive global landscape.

Our faculty’s wealth of experience drives our research and knowledge base, making our graduate programs and consulting engagements practical and enriching. At YS College, our courses blend strategic thinking with pragmatic implementation, providing students with a holistic educational experience.

We are committed to offering world-class education and have integrated various programs into our curriculum to ensure our students become “Job Givers” rather than “Job Seekers.” Joining YS College means joining a community that will enrich and empower you to make meaningful life choices, not only for yourself but also for the betterment of humanity.

I invite you to be part of this distinguished institution and embark on a journey filled with endless opportunities. The values and motto of YS College will undoubtedly continue to inspire you, and I look forward to your fruitful association with our college.