Best Educational Group in Punjab, India

Young Scholars Group

Young Scholars Group is one of the most renowned and well-known name in the field of Education, to impart Quality Education in the Malwa Belt of Punjab since its establishment for last 40 years. Group has YS GeNxt School, YS School Barnala, YS School Handiaya and YS College Handiaya under its aegis. Having World Class Infrastructure and serving to more than 3500 Students every year, it has a Passionate Team of More than 200 Faculty Members.

YS Orgnaisation

At YS We believe that the success of a school depends upon the number of smiles generated per day. Our effort is to provide a child with such a joyous environment that a student loves to come to school.

Communication and Expressions

Happiness is the freedom to say, hear & express! At YS Schools, we give them the freedom to speak along with a command of language so that they do not feel shy. We teach them communication skills that will help them be a better and effective communicator in later years.

Smart Education, Smarter kids

designed keeping in focus the left and right brain growth of children in this phase. A lot of activities are kept on a daily schedule that help the children in gaining confidence for their motor skills observation.

An Educational Group "With a Difference"

Building Confidence

Every child is uniquely talented and no less than a shining star and early age is the best age to develop confidence among children. Each one of them is bestowed with some talent or creative skill which can be showcased to the world.

Imbibing Values

Childhood is the time when children are like raw clay; they can be molded in a desired shape. This is the time when parents and teachers should invest maximum time to build good Habits through Behavior Series.

English Speaking Environment

In most of the Schools, English finds place only in Reading and Writing Sections. In YS, Focus is on all the 4 Skills of English i.e. Reading, Writing Speaking and Listening. Scholars are provided regular exposure to these 4 skills.

Smart Classrooms

Technology Enabled Smart Classrooms are yet another leap in imparting quality education to students. In YS Schools, Blackboard Teaching have been supplemented by Interactive Electronic Digi-boards which enable the students to learn.